Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Monday, March 26, 2018


Sex offender is sentenced to death for kidnapping a girl, 14, from a bus stop, torturing her with an electric drill, raping and murdering her in an abandoned home

·         Christopher Whitaker was convicted of murdering Alianna Defreeze last month
·         Whitaker, 45, kidnapped her from a bus stop on January 28, 2017 in Cleveland
·         He took her to an abandoned home where he assaulted her with electric drills and raped her 
·         The convicted rapist then stabbed her to death and abandoned her body 
·         He was arrested when police matched DNA found at the scene to his which was already in their database 
·         Whitaker told police he was high on cocaine at the time and was not responsible for his actions, although he said he was full of remorse

A BRUTE who raped and killed a 14-year-old schoolgirl whinges "the world will hate me now" in a confession video shown to a jury.

A sex offender has been sentenced to death in Ohio for kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering a 14-year-old girl in a horrific attack.

Christopher Whitaker, 45, will spend the rest of his days on death row after the judge followed the jury's recommendation for the horrific slaying of Alianna Defreeze in Januaury, 2017. 

Whitaker was found guilty March 13 of aggravated murder and charges including kidnapping and rape in Alianna DeFreeze's death. 

'I don't believe he'll have any remorse until he suffers like my daughter suffered,' said Donnesha Cooper, Alianna's mother. 'He just snuffed out a really bright light in the world because of his own selfishness,' Cooper said. 'I appreciate the jury's recommendation, but that's too good for him,' Cooper said through tears. '…I will not let his monstrous heart consume my life, because my daughter would want me to live my life and be happy.'

'I can see the evil that's in him and we have to tell everybody, this is what evil looks like,' Alianna's grandmother said. 'He will not torture anyone else again. …I cannot forgive this man yet. I'm still in pain.' 

Damon DeFreeze, her father, spoke last. His frustration mounted as he told Friedland that he tried to warn Alianna about predators like Whitaker. He turned toward Whitaker, who was flanked by five courtroom security officers.

'Excuse me so I can look at this b**** a** dude, ' DeFreeze said. 'It takes a real monster to take a child who's going on the way happily to school. It happens too often.'

A death sentence was not the outcome Alianna's family wanted, they said.

'We preferred life without the possibility of parole, but we respect the judge's decision,' Alianna's father said. 'It's not over, it will never be over.'

Her body was found three days after her mother reported her missing when she didn't arrive at school.

Authorities say Alianna was beaten and stabbed and the South Euclid man's DNA matched evidence.

He used a collection of tools including an electric drill to inflict horrific injuries on her. 

He confessed to the killing and told police his drug addiction caused him to do it.

During Monday's sentencing, the judge also added a 48-year sentence that is separate from his death sentence for his convictions of aggravated burglary, rape, felonious assault, obstruction of justice and gross abuse of a corpse charges.

Whitaker said he was under the influence of crack cocaine at the time of the killing and did not remember murdering her. 

Whitaker gave an unsworn statement during the penalty phase of his trial and apologized to the girl's family. 

He said he was truly remorseful 

During the trial, his lawyers did not argue with prosecutors' chain of events but they said he should not be held responsible for the murder because of his state of mind at the time.

A message seeking comment with his attorney wasn't immediately returned.  

After the jury returned their verdict last month, Alianna's mother told reporters outside the courtroom she was 'relieved and happy' with the decision. 

'Justice has been served,' Donnesha Cooper said. 'The law was on our side.'

At the time of the killing, Whitaker had already served four years behind bars for the rape and stabbing of another woman in 2005. 

That woman was not killed.

Alianna DeFreeze (June 12, 2002 to January 30, 2017)