Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Friday, September 6, 2013


            On this date, September 6, 1982, Reserve Deputy John Jamison was killed in the line of duty in Arizona. One of the cop killers, Anthony Lee Chaney was executed by lethal injection 18 years later on February 16, 2000. Please go to the VFFDP Blog to hear from the fallen cop’s son, who felt justice was served years later after the execution. 


Reserve Deputy John Jamison [END OF WATCH ON 6 SEPT 1982]

Reserve Deputy

John B. Jamison

Coconino County Sheriff's Department, Arizona
End of Watch: Monday, September 6, 1982

Bio & Incident Details

Age: 41
Tour: Not available
Badge # 791
Cause: Gunfire
Incident Date: 9/6/1982
Weapon: Rifle; M-16
Suspect: Executed in 2000

Reserve Deputy John Jamison was shot and killed while responding to check on a deputy who dispatchers could not make radio contact with. The deputy had discovered a couple camping in a forest east of flagstaff and requested dispatchers to check on the status of the pickup truck at the scene.

As the male subject came out of his tent he heard the dispatcher on the deputy's radio that the truck was stolen. The male subject immediately produced a handgun and disarmed the deputy. The suspect put the deputy on his knees and was preparing to shoot him when the deputy took out a picture of his wife and baby and pleaded for his life. The suspect decided not to kill the deputy and handcuffed him to a nearby tree. The couple then fled in the pickup truck.

Reserve Deputy Jamison was sent to check on the deputy after dispatchers were unable to reach him via radio. As Deputy Jamison drove up the mountain road he encountered the suspects driving down. He radioed dispatch and to ask if the suspects were driving a black truck. As he began to turn around the suspect stopped the truck and opened fire on the patrol car with a M-16 rifle. The suspect pinned down Deputy Jamison as he approached the car, continually firing. He walked up to the driver's side and shot Deputy Jamison three times. The suspect fired a total of 27 rounds into the patrol car.

The suspects fled but were eventually arrested by Flagstaff police officers and Coconino County deputies. He was sentenced to death and executed in 2000. The female suspect was sentenced to 21 years in prison, but released after serving only 14 years.

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