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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Adolf Hitler on his alliance with the devil.

“To attain our aim we should stop at nothing even if we must join forces with the devil.”
- Adolf Hitler

            On this date, 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after being married for one day. Soviet soldiers raise the Victory Banner over the Reichstag building. 
            I will post a blog post from another Blogger, ‘Hitler's Letter Agreement With the Devil’, to speak of how Adolf Hitler could have seek help with Satan to achieve his cruelty in the world. 

Hitler, God, and the Bible Hardcover by Ray Comfort [PHOTO SOURCE:]
Hitler's Letter Agreement With the Devil

Dr. Leiber Greta from Germany, a paranormal specialist demon hunter found a letter of agreement expected mysterious yet authentic.

In the former ruins of the building that used by Adolf Hitler's suicide, Dr. Greta found a Letter of Agreement which allegedly was among Hitler's Testament with Satan.

The letter agreement dated 30 April 1932. This letter was signed with the blood of both parties. In it, Satan is called Lucifer promised to give to Hitler unlimited power.

Sang Fuhrer will become absolute ruler of the entire country of Germany and parts of Europe, so it will be flattered and honored the millions of people. Although to get all of it must use the power of large-scale evil. In return Hitler gave his soul to the devil 13 years later.

In front of 11 people Dihadirkannya panelists in a symposium, Dr. Greta says that: "The Pact treaty truly authentic".

"What is written in it, fits well with the course of history and hundreds of cases that occurred during World War II took place" he added.

According to Drs. Greta, history has shown, that Hitler failed in his action before the year 1932. "He failed to complete high school. Also 2 times slumped in art school entrance exams. He became unemployed, and even once went to jail," said Dr.. Greta about some of Hitler's life journey.

After 1932, Hitler's life completely changed. People started listening to his remarks. Like a rocket, his career took off very quickly. Right in the month of January 1933 Hitler had become ruler of the German Kingdom.

And on April 30, 1945, exactly 13 years from the date of the agreement with the devil's pact was signed, Hitler's power collapsed.

Letter of agreement allegedly made ​​between Hitler and Lucifer was found in an iron chest , in the former building where Hitler is expected to commit suicide. Although the letter was slightly damaged but still legible. The letter agreement is now in the Berlin Institute of German History as research material.  

Adolf Hitler

Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil, says Vatican exorcist
Last updated at 17:32 28 August 2006

Adolf Hitler and Russian leader Stalin were possessed by the Devil, the Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed.

Father Gabriele Amorth who is Pope Benedict XVI's 'caster out of demons' made his comments during an interview with Vatican Radio.

Father Amorth said: "Of course the Devil exists and he can not only possess a single person but also groups and entire populations.

"I am convinced that the Nazis were all possessed. All you have to do is think about what Hitler - and Stalin did. Almost certainly they were possessed by the Devil.

"You can tell by their behaviour and their actions, from the horrors they committed and the atrocities that were committed on their orders. That's why we need to defend society from demons."

According to secret Vatican documents recently released wartime pontiff Pope Pius XII attempted a "long distance" exorcism of Hitler which failed to have any effect.

Father Amorth said: "It's very rare that praying and attempting to carry out an exorcism from distance works.

"Of course you can pray for someone from a distance but in this case it would not have any effect.

"One of the key requirements for an exorcism is to be present in front of the possessed person and that person also has to be consenting and willing.

"Therefore trying to carry out an exorcism on someone who is not present, or consenting and willing would prove very difficult.

"However I have no doubt that Hitler was possessed and so it does not surprise me that Pope Pius XII tried a long distance exorcism."

In the past Father Amorth has also spoken out against the Harry Potter books, claiming that reading the novels of the teen wizard open children's minds to dabbling with the occult and black magic.

Father Amorth, who is president of the International Association of Exorcists, said of the JK Rowling books:"Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the devil."

He said that Rowling's books contain innumerable positive references to magic, "the satanic art" and added the books attempt to make a false distinction between black and white magic, when in fact, the distinction "does not exist, because magic is always a turn to the devil."

Father Amorth is said to have carried out more than 30,000 exorcisms in his career and his favourite film is, according to Italian newspapers The Exorcist.

A headline in the U.S. Army newspaper Stars and Stripes announcing Hitler's death.

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