Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Sunday, July 12, 2015


            I will post information about a female Sniper of the DNR call, Oksana Gimrakova from the Daily Mail. She claimed to have 24 kills already.

A comic strip of the couple

EXCLUSIVE: Ukrainian female sniper reveals how she went from tax worker to pro-Russian executioner who killed two prisoners as they begged for their lives after telling them: 'I have to kill you for my children's sake' 

  • Oksana Gimrakova has killed 24 Ukrainians since joining separatist army
  • Her husband claims Kiev government has a $200,000 bounty on her head 
  • He told how she executed two PoWs during battle for disputed Ukraine city
  • She shot them both despite officer telling her: 'I have a wife and a child' 
Before the war, Oksana Gimrakova was a tax collector for the Ukrainian government and had never held a gun in her life. 

A year later, after joining the separatist army of the Donetsk People's Republic, she is her unit's most feared sniper.

'I have killed 24 Ukrainians,' the 28-year-old mother boasted.

'And they are offering $200,000 for her head,' her husband Ruslan added with a grin.

While the veracity of the reward figure proved difficult to confirm, the husband and wife do appear prominently on the Ukrainian anti-terrorist watch list Peacemaker. 

Pro-Russian sniper Oksana Gimrakova flashes the victory sign during an interview with MailOnline in which she tells how she went from a tax collector to one of the most feared snipers in the separatist army in Ukraine

Prize target: Mrs Gimrakova stands beside an armoured vehicle with her husband Ruslan, who claims the Kiev government have placed a $200,000 bounty on the 28-year-old mother's head

Crack shot: Mrs Gimrakova claims she has killed 24 Ukrainians during the 15-month conflict in the country
A picture of the couple on their wedding day which appears on Ukrainian anti-terrorist watch list Peacemaker

The site features pictures and information culled from the couple's social media pages. They are represented as 'fighters of an illegal military group.' 

Photographs of their wedding day are interspersed with Hollywood-esque shots of the pair posing with weapons.

In addition to the 24 official kills claimed by Oksana, there are at least two unofficial ones. 

Plagued by nightmares, Ruslan confided that his wife had executed two prisoners of war during the battle for Mayorsk, a suburb of Horlivka. 

One POW had been an officer, and the other, a 22-year-old infantryman like Ruslan himself.
'He begged for his life,' Ruslan continued. 'I have a wife and kid,' he pleaded. 

'Oksana told him "No, you're guilty like the rest of them. I'm afraid for my own son.' Then she shot him and the other one.'
The executions characterise an increasingly bitter war now in its 15th month.  

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