Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I, the warrior of Novorossiya Armed Forces, do take the oath and solemnly swear to be an honest, brave, discipline and vigilant warrior. Strictly keep military secrets, unquestioningly follow the laws of military regulations and orders of commanders and superiors. I do swear that I will be serving honestly and according to conscience sacredly cherish the high title of soldier which is granted to me by my people. I do swear to protect the freedom of Novorossiya and all Russia land, with all my strength, courage, skills, with dignity and honor, not sparing my blood and my very life to achieve complete victory over the enemy. And if I ever break this solemn oath taken by me, let the severe punishment of our laws fall on me, as well as hatred and contempt of working people and my brothers in arms.

The revolutionary Ghost Brigade of Novorossiya.

Prizrak Brigade
Бригада «Призрак» meaning "Ghost Brigade"
 Service sleeve insignia of the Prizrak Battalion
Since April 2014
  • Lugansk People's Republic
Infantry Brigade
about 3,000 troops
Part of
United Armed Forces of Novorossiya
Ghost Brigade
Yuri Shevchenko

The "Prizrak" Brigade (in Russian Бригада «Призрак») meaning "Ghost Brigade" commanded by Aleksey Mozgovoy, is an infantry unit of the Lugansk People's Republic. The full name of the Brigade is Mechanized Brigade Prizrak.


The unit was established in late 2014 after pro-Russian protesters occupied the RSA buildings in Luhansk. Its was first platoon. In August 2014 the unit became a battalion and the fighters rise to 1,000. The commander of the Brigade Aleksey Mozgovoy claimed in late December 2014 to have up to 3,000 fighters.
Soldiers of the Prizrak Brigade marching for the oath taking on September 9, 2014.

Alexei Mozgovoy and his Prizrak Brigade

Soldiers of the Prizrak Brigade lined up for the oath taking on September 9, 2014.

Alexei Mozgovoy speaks to Yuri Shevchenko

[eng subs] Militia brigade "Ghost" takes oath to Novorossia 09/09/14

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