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Slava Novorossiya

Sunday, April 24, 2016


            Twenty years ago on this date, April 24, 1996, The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 were signed into law. I will post a case of how two terrorists were executed by the firing squad in a swift and sure execution.

Sick Al Qaeda terrorists face FIRING SQUAD after brutal assassination of journalist
TWO jihadis of the Al Qaeda splinter terror group al-Shabaab have been executed by firing squad after they brutally assassinated a local journalist.

00:24, Sun, Apr 10, 2016

In a strong act of high profile justice, the two members of the East African terror cell were tied to posts and gunned down after appealing their life sentences.

But instead of reducing the sentence like the killers had hoped, the barbaric pair saw their punishment increased to execution.

Abdulahi Hussein Mohamed, deputy judge of the supreme military court in Somalia said: “Both of them were found guilty of murdering journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed whose car was blown with explosive device.”

They were led out to the be gunned down at Mogadishu police academy, with both jihadis’ heads covered by bags.

Both of them were found guilty of murdering journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed
But the blindfolds were removed before the punishment was laid down, forcing two terror assassins to stare down their imminent fates.

Abdirisak Mohamed Barow and Hassan Nur Ali both admitted to being members of the sick terror group in court.

The two were found guilty of assassinating national television journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed, who was killed last December at the hands of a car bomb as she travelled home from a university class.

Four other men were also sentenced for their roles in Mrs Mohamed's murder – with two being given life sentences and two being sentenced to ten and 15 years behind bars.

The two were led out with bags covering their faces before the blindfolds were removed
Abdirisak Mohamed Barow and his co-conspirator admitted to being part of the terror cell in court
At the time Abdirahin Ise Ado, director of Radio Mogadishu, said: “Hindiyo died at the hospital of the serious injuries she sustained, we are very sorry about her death”

Her late husband, who also worked as a journalist, was brutally murdered in a terror attack three years prior after jihadis struck a restaurant in Mogadishu.

Ms Mohamed was reportedly the 38th journalist to be killed in Somalia since 2010.

Hindiyo Haji Mohamed was killed last December by a car bomb as she travelled home from university
Al-Shabaab pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in 2012 when then leader Mukhtar Abu al-Zubair begged the heinous terror group to lead them “to the path of jihad and martyrdom that was drawn by our imam, the martyr Osama”.

It comes as a new terror group in East Africa has pledged allegiance to Islamic State's commander in chief in a terrifying harbinger of the rise of the extremist group in the region.

The new organisation, calling itself Jahba East Africa, told its recruits to "leave al-Shabaab and their sponsor groups" and back ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

THIS Country Just Showed The World How To Deal With Muslim Terrorists
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From US Herald:

Guess what they do with Muslim terrorists over in Somalia? Let’s just say they don’t turn them loose, with a pat on the back, and a see ya’ later, like President Obama.

In the case of two al-Shabaab terrorists who killed a journalist, a wife and mother of seven children, they sentenced them to life in prison.

 The two terrorists appealed the court’s sentence of life imprisonment. They stood before the court and stated their case.

The judge considered all that they had to say, rolled it around in his brain, and decided that he agreed with them—life in prison was not fair. It was not fair to the public, that is.

So, instead of denying their appeal, he altered their sentence. They were bungee cord tied to some stakes on a beach and killed by firing squad. That’s justice. Something the world of radical Muslim appeasement does not have enough of right now.

The men targeted Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed’s journalist husband four years ago, and were successful in their suicide attack. Hindiyo raised her children alone, and continued in her journalist career up until very recently when the terrorists laced her vehicle with explosives.

She died a hospital from injuries sustained in the blast, and now her children are orphaned.  There was another Jihadist executed the same way some time ago. In that case, he was a journalist who went Jihadi, turned on his co-workers, and killed five of them.

With a country boasting a 99.8% Muslim populace, is it any wonder Somalia churns out terrorists?

Here’s a fun fact—Obama brings in Somali refugees to the tune of 700 per month. They are scattered about our nation, biding their time, until they get their orders to act. In fact, 34 of the Minnesota Somalis have run off to join ISIS and al-Shabaab.

This is what the refugee resettlement program is all about—infiltration by Jihadists and our president is 100% enabling it.

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