Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Summary: Barton murdered his fourth wife, Kimbirli Jo Barton, at their home in Waynesville after they had gotten in a domestic dispute that morning. He called and threatened Kimbirli several times the day of the killing before persuading her to come to the house to get her belongings. When Kimbirli arrived, he appeared and shot Kimbirli once in the shoulder and then again in the back at close range. His uncle and Kibirli's 17 year old daughter witnessed the shooting. Barton then shot himself with an upward blast to the chin, leaving just a scar below his ear. Barton has a history of arrests for burglary, assault, drug and DUI charges and violence against women. He beat one of his ex-wives with a shotgun, stabbed her three times, cut her throat and left her for dead, but she survived. Kimbirli had known Barton for many years, but the couple had just married two years earlier while Barton was in prison for the attempted murder of his ex-wife in Kentucky.

Man executed less than 4 years after killing wife; FIRST LETHAL INJECTION WITH NEW PROCEDURES," by Alan Johnson. (Thursday, July 13, 2006) 

What Rocky Barton started when he put a shotgun to his chin after killing his wife three years ago, the state of Ohio finished yesterday. Barton, 49, was executed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility near Lucasville. His death by injection occurred without incident at 10:27 a.m. 

In a sense, Barton died a little every day since Jan. 16, 2003, when he shot and killed Kimbirli Barton, the woman he said he loved more than anyone else and could not live without. 

Consumed by guilt, Barton said he deserved to die and didn’t want to "have to wait around no 10, 20 years and go through the appeals process." From crime to punishment, it was the shortest time in Ohio’s 22 executions during the past seven years. Donald and Wilma Barton, the condemned man’s parents, and two of his victim’s daughters, Tiffany and Jamie Reising, witnessed the execution from a few feet away, separated by a sheet of glass. 

Following Barton's execution, Reising said she's reaching the point where she can forgive Barton, but not yet. She said she doesn't want to carry hate in her heart for the rest of her life. Barton, who did not seek clemency from Gov. Bob Taft, had asked the trial court to sentence him to death. A judge ruled last week that he was competent to give up his appeals.

Jamie Reising, 21, who watched Barton kill her mother, was given permission to leave the Warren County jail to witness the execution. She is serving time on a drug charge. "This is closure for our family," she said afterward. "He took the glue that was holding us together."  

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