Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Officer: Death row convicts should face firing squad

Embu West OCPD Francis Sang’ speaks during a public debate by Power of Mercy Advisory Committee on Capital offense and capital punishment in Embu town. He proposed that criminals condemned to death sentence be subjected to a firing squad. (PHOTO: JOSEPH MUCHIRI/ STANDARD)
A senior police officer has proposed that criminals condemned to death sentence be subjected to a firing squad.

Embu West OCPD Francis Sang’ said the Government should not waste  resources feeding criminals and should execute them immediately after sentencing either through a firing squad or by hanging.

Sang’ said criminals in life imprisonment live in comfort as they are assured of food and shelter all their life at the prisons till they die, despite committing brutal offences.

“We as police officers understand this well because we visit crime scenes. What we come across in these scenes shows how dangerous criminals are. Such offenders should either be hanged or shot dead. Feeding them in jail till they die is too lenient,” said Mr Sang’.

The officer was among security chiefs and opinion leaders in the county who called for retaining of the death sentence as punishment for capital offenders to reduce crime in the country.

Public views

They spoke at a Power of Mercy Advisory Committee forum organised to gather public views on capital offences and capital punishment at the Embu cultural hall over the weekend.

The forum was led by the committee secretary Michael Kagika and the National Crime Research Centre director Gerald Wandera.

Embu West Directorate of Criminal Investigations head Joshua Cheptoo said some criminals can never change no matter how many years they spend in jail.

He said some capital offenders released through presidential clemency sometimes turn against their accusers and make the society live in fear.

“Those under life imprisonment should be vetted carefully before they are released to the society,” he said.


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