Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Monday 23 July 2012 - The current hard-line district attorney for Arapahoe County is likely to seek capital charges for accused mass murderer James Holmes — but she will be out of office in five months and Colorado has not executed a single prisoner in nearly 35 years, experts note.

“If they do go for death it will cost tens of millions of dollars at a time when Colorado is shutting down elementary schools,” said University of Colorado Institute of Behavioral Science professor Michael L. Radelet, a leading authority on capital punishment. “If the death penalty were a deterrent, this guy would not have done (what he allegedly did) in the top death-penalty jurisdiction in the state.”

            If you sentence James Holmes to life imprisonment it will also be expensive and we have to pay for his medical bills if he becomes an elderly man. Many death penalty proponents say the study claiming the costs of the death penalty outweigh implementing life without parole is prepared by anti-death penalty activists. Some others even say that even assuming the death penalty is costly or too long to carry out, it would be better to reduce costs and appeals, rather than abolish the death penalty for all crimes. 

            Immanuel Kant, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Alex Kozinski, Chalerm Ubumrung and many others do not fully care whether the death penalty deters or not, they care about justice and protection. Some crimes cannot be deterred by any punishment, why don’t we abolish incarcerations too as they do not seem to serve as a deterrent either. Saint Thomas Aquinas was quoted in his Summa Theologica: "If a man is a danger to the community, threatening it with disintegration by some wrongdoing of his, then his execution for the healing and preservation of the common good is to be commended.  Only the public authority, not private persons, may licitly execute malefactors by public judgment. Men shall be sentenced to death for crimes of irreparable harm or which are particularly perverted."

            The death penalty does not seem to act as a deterrent in Colorado as it has not been used in 35 years, I wished the cops should have shot him dead on the spot and it can save us all the mess here. Rather than speak about your opposition to the death penalty, speed up the execution of James Holmes, he is guilty beyond any doubt!

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