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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yamaji Yukio was a recidivist murderer who was released only to kill again. He had escaped the death penalty because he was only a juvenile when he killed his mother, but for his second and third murder, he did not. I will post the article from Wikipedia and also some post from the Japanese Wikipedia which I have did an internet translation, keep in mind, the English is not good in the Japanese version but try to follow it carefully. 

Yukio Yamaji (山地 悠紀夫 Yamaji Yukio, August 21, 1983 – July 28, 2009) was a Japanese serial killer. He murdered his own mother in 2000, and then murdered a 27-year-old woman and her 19-year-old sister in 2005.

Yamaji was born into a poor family, his father died of cirrhosis in January 1995. After graduating from junior high school, he did not enter high school and began working at a newspaper store.

He killed his 50-year-old mother with a metal baseball bat in Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture at the age of 16 on July 29, 2000. He called the police and was arrested on July 31, 2000. He stated that his motives to commit matricide were his mother's silent telephone calls to the woman to whom he fell in love and his mother's mounting debt. However, he was paroled in October 2003. After, his release he got involved in illegal activities.

Double homicide
On November 17, 2005, Yamaji raped and murdered a 27-year-old woman and her 19-year-old sister with a knife, in Naniwa, Osaka. He then set fire to their apartment and fled. The two victims had never met Yamaji before. He was arrested on December 5, 2005. While in custody, he stated to the Osaka police, "I could not forget the feeling when I killed my mother, and wanted to see human blood."

On December 13, 2006, the Osaka District Court sentenced him to death. His defense made an appeal but according to his lawyers he retracted it because he was "reluctant to pursue leniency." He was executed by hanging alongside Japanese serial killer Hiroshi Maeue in Osaka on July 28, 2009. At the age of 25, he is the youngest murder criminal executed in Japan since 1989.

Murdered his mother
The murder of his mother Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi is Ijiken the Satsu and Hao) and after the murder of Osaka Sister offender was 16 years old at the time things will cause the 2000 July 29 , Yamaguchi in Yamaguchi 's mother 50 years old at the time in head metal bat struck and killed in the incident. He killed his 50-year-old mother with a metal baseball bat in Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi Prefecture on July 29, 2000 at the age of 16. He called the police and was arrested on July 31. One of his motives was his mother's silent telephone to the woman who he fell in love with. Another motive was his mother's debt. He was paroled in October 2003 and was released officially in March 2004. However, his work after the release was illegal.

Case Background
In this case, the criminal’s father had various jobs and was often drunk and violent towards his poor wife and son. In  January 1995, his father died of cirrhosis, then the two boys were living with her mother. He had fewer friends in Elementary school is unable to pay that homemaking teaching materials, the teacher for reasons that are not qualified to eat, branded dinner prepared by cooking, even made me a dinner prepared Trash There. The boy was in middle school, "the devil" was also called. Junior high school since I was a truant and a slight, middle school three years to nearly two-thirds absent , and field trips did not participate in such events.

After graduating high school does not Manabu Susumu, while employment is found, began working in newspaper sales by the introduction of an acquaintance. But the mother debt has, or being forced into collecting, rent and had failed to pay water charges. Assistance was also applied for is granted. June, but the boy turned out that the debt, when it had come already far more hopeless. The last incident on July 27 and July 28 is the first time to work absenteeism. In that case, work was going to meet in the middle of 28 colleagues in the evening, "the mother in debt," but had trouble talking to colleagues. Also, the mother remarried in the story, for colleagues, "I leave the house because a nuisance," he said, also.

Meanwhile, 2000 July 29 at 9:00 pm, the boy and his mother's argument. Women did not want to associate the boy had phone , the silence was for her mother phoned. The boy showed no mother can be questioned, the boy against his mother, "Get out" and said that angry, and assault also be involved in a debt dispute. The boy climbed for blood is a metal bat to beat and killed his mother rarely beat and beat her mother in the head and face and chest. The murder of Osaka Sister has said things during ejaculation attorney for killing his mother, this "blood for return Bitara shower, I noticed that ejaculation was," was that. Also, this thing does not say when investigators killed his mother. Friday, July 31 around 1:00 am, the boy, "his mother killed," an emergency call to 110. An officer to the boy Yamaguchi murder suspect emergency arrest of. 

The boy stood out in a slapdash manner that desperate. Initially, the boy lawyer had refused to conduct the election. August 2, even when the interview was sent from an attorney in County Bar Association "(the lawyer) not required. what will become of my good" came out that the interview room to talk. The boy with the Yamaguchi District Court on August 21, "substantial criminal penalties" are being sent to a family court with a written opinion Yamaguti, surveyed in the remand home Yamaguchi. September 14 , Yamaguchi Family Court, "there is room for consideration to the motive, rather than intentional misconduct, and should consider that due to the large family environment" and "long-term correctional education The subject is appropriate, correction of any age can be fully seen as a "youth custody and middle level. The boy in the trial of September 14, "I can not afford to look objectively. More if you explain me what my mother was having, may have become a different deployment" and said. 

Back in 2000 the case Nishitetsu Jack and his family six Ooita stabbing incident and heinous juvenile is 17 years old go berserk and become the talk as part of a stir among them. The leaked photographs of the victims and perpetrators comic market was also scattered. But the other reason than that the case "had words of his mother in debt" because it was at that time were not treated very heinous crime. 

After release
2005 November 17, has now grown boy Osaka Sister murder caused. When arrested in Osaka murder because he was older sisters reported real name is, also covered the murder of his mother's childhood Yamaguti, lust murder is considered as the beginning of the case. Defendant "was not forgotten when sensation killed his mother, who came to see the blood," he said with the Osaka prefectural police investigators. However, when the mother of murder pervasive developmental disorder was suspected, but in Osaka sisters murder psychiatric personality disorder (non-social personality disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder quality, sexual sadism) is and by.

2007 May 31 , the juvenile death penalty has been established yuan. 2009 July 28 , a executioner. 享年25歳。 He was 25 years old.

The Osaka sisters murder (Osaka Ijiken that Satsu away) and Osaka , Naniwa-ku apartment in 2005 November 17 , the restaurant is the sister event of the clerk was stabbed to death. Age at the time the statement is her custodian. 

Background of the case

Man of the perpetrator (husband Osamu Yuu Mountains), after graduating Satoru Naka , 2000 July 29 , Yamaguchi City in his apartment in a metal bat in his mother murdered ( Yamaguti murder of his mother . 16 years old at the time. In this case, "the return of blood to flow showerBitara, and noticed that ejaculation was "murder in Osaka District Court and sister prosecutor later said that.

After receiving a moderately protective measures of youth custody in September 2004, 2003, release on parole in October 2004 but was discharged in March of this case, a psychiatrist , a man "to protect the law so I do not think, "said the other had, was to question the opinions presented rehabilitation.

2005, around February, Pachislo is to join the group to steal the coin machine tampering, that group Hukuoka from Oosaka activity base in November 2003 and transferred to the earnings does not rise, leaving the group you want to tell a friend to the effect activities based out of the apartment. After the withdrawal, but had to camp out in nearby precincts and parks, living in nowhere in sight, aimed to get victims back when I felt excitement and pleasure of killing his mother. 

Previous events

Early morning incident last Sun had disappeared in trouble twice in the electrical switchboard and sisters living room. You can give them a room and turn off the light switch in a power distribution board on each floor, the clerk checked the power company, "the naughty room switch" sister testified. 

Around the switchboard in the midst of trouble, my sister (27 years old at the time) witnessed a man who was carrying a backpack hanging glasses, and had confided to colleagues and customers your work. 

At around 17 am on the day of a case, the girl's apartment visitors, who noticed the man staring at the apartment on the street while riding a bicycle nearby. The man touched the handle of the bike was wearing glasses, khaki jumper. While watching the girl ran off. 

Also, around 1:30 the same male college student, went out from the apartment (19) "The road in front of apartment and saw a middle-aged man wearing a jumper here to watch the dull khaki," testified . Glasses, was wearing a black baseball cap.

Status of the case

2005 November 17, around 2:30 am and was returning home after working in restaurants first sister (27 years old at the time) attacked from behind when I opened the door. Knife in the chest pierce the leg trousers and underwear take off rape , carried out work for the trackless. About 10 minutes later my sister (19 years old at the time) to the chest with a knife stabbed Kita Tame is back, right side of raping her sister. Then, veranda with cigarettes and stabbed again, and pierced the chest of the sisters kept after smoking a coin room and set fire to 5,000 yen in cash, and fled on a stolen bank. The two men have died shortly ahead was taken to hospital transport.

Osaka prefectural police in the same year on December 5 , unlawful entry alleged perpetrators arrested . December 19 is robbery murder suspect re-arrested. In this arrest, the suspect's boyhood Yamaguti murder his mother was featured in the media that he had caused.
By the incident, Seiken Sugiura Justice (then) is December 20 at the cabinet meeting, were working on measures to support the strengthening of their reformatory hospital. Weapon Length 12 cm knife is as described by the perpetrator, the crime scene apartment about 400 meters from the shrine was discovered in a warehouse premises. Perpetrators of the police investigators "could not forget the feeling when her mother killed, people came to see blood," "I thought I wish I could kill anyone," and testimony, a lawyer shopping "aimlessly to go to, I went to aimlessly kill people, "he said.


Burglary offenders, murder robbery , rape, robbery , and Swords Control Law violations firearms, unlawful entry , was indicted on charges of arson and uninhabited structure, 2006 May 1, the first hearing. The statement read by the prosecution of perpetrators in the first trial, was that its contents came stab at sexual excitement.

May 12 , held that the second trial, the accused perpetrator in question is "I break things and kill people it is exactly the same thing," he said. Were also asked about the relationship with his mother killed, "can not judge yourself," replied.

Tuesday, June 09 from October 4 to psychiatric evaluation was conducted, October 23, the presiding judge in the Asperger disorder , including pervasive developmental disorder is and is not diseased, personality disorder (personality disorder social non- Personality Disorder quality schizophrenia, sexual sadism) is used as evidence to recognize mental competency certificate is complete.

October 27 at the 10th trial, the petition was filed seeking the death penalty has 27,960,002 people is a court, prosecutors and perpetrators, "What do you think" it is asked "nothing" and only answer. 

November 10 afternoon, prompted a statement from the opinion of the trial judge at the end of the defense closing argument, for which the perpetrator is "nothing in particular" close the case just mentioned. 

2006 1213午前、 大阪地裁死刑 判決が下った。 2006 December 13 morning, the Osaka District Court on death penalty ruling is down.  Death sentences every second, but the perpetrator did not leave fine eye to straight ahead. Offenders about their presence, counsel notes that pledged "You were born for something, found the answer. To kill people. I feel at home will have more answers. A man vaguely kill, "he wrote. 

After the verdict "does not intend to appeal," lawyer and was told, December 26, counsel to appeal rights. During his interview was "coming to life have been better," and said he would rather be, 2007 May 31, withdrew the death sentence was confirmed on appeal with the perpetrator himself. 

2009 July 28 , the Osaka Detention House condemned the executions of the perpetrators at. Age at 25 years of execution. Execution of the condemned were executed in their 20s in 1979 kidnap-murder Akira Hisashi her death row (29 years old when the executioner) and the 30 years since 25 year-old executive was executed in 1972, boys rifle Magic incident was 37 years since the death row. 

The two-year period from the execution of sentence of death is also confirmed, were executed on the same day murder suicide sites are faster compared to execute condemned the perpetrators as well as any other.

Man admits to slaying Osaka sisters
OSAKA (Kyodo) Police issued an arrest warrant Monday to a 22-year-old man after he admitted killing two sisters in Osaka.

He had been detained since early this month for allegedly trespassing in a building adjacent to the women's condominium, police said.

The man, who killed his mother in 2000, told investigators he murdered the sisters Nov. 17 because he "could not forget the feelings" he experienced when he killed his 50-year-old mother, police said.

He was identified as Yukio Yamaji, 22, unemployed with no fixed address.

The two victims are Asuka Uehara, 27, and Chihiro Uehara, 19.

They did not know Yamaji. Police suspect he killed them for pleasure.

"I wanted to see human blood," Yamaji was quoted as saying by an investigation source.

The two women were found with deep stab wounds to their chests and faces at their condominium in the early hours of Nov. 17. 

The man was institutionalized after beating his mother to death with a baseball bat in August 2000 in the city of Yamaguchi when he was 16. 

The Yamaguchi family court had sent him to a reform center for minors after concluding that the attack on his mother was not deliberately planned and "it is possible to correct" him "although he does not have deep sense of guilt." He was released from the reform center in October 2003.

According to police, Yamaji told the investigators about the knife he used in the murders and they found it at a Shinto shrine a few hundred meters from the building.

His fingerprints were allegedly detected at many locations on the wall and duct at the third-floor level.
The Japan Times: Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2005
(C) All rights reserved


Man pleads guilty to murdering sisters

OSAKA (Kyodo) A 22-year-old man charged with murdering two sisters and torching their dwelling pleaded guilty Monday, saying he has no plan to contest the charges by prosecutors, who claim he killed for pleasure.

Yukio Yamaji (left and inset), accused of murdering two sisters in Osaka last November, faces presiding Judge Masao Namiki in this courtroom sketch of the opening session Monday of his Osaka District Court trial.
Yukio Yamaji, unemployed with no fixed address, told his first trial session at the Osaka District Court, "The facts read (by prosecutors) are correct."

According to the prosecutors, Yamaji, who in 2000 murdered his mother, broke into a condominium in Naniwa Ward, Osaka, in the early hours of Nov. 17 and fatally stabbed Asuka Uehara, 27, and Chihiro Uehara, 19.

The women were found with deep stab wounds to their chests and faces.

After killing them, Yamaji stole 5,000 yen and set the condo on fire before fleeing, the prosecutors said.
The victims did not know Yamaji.

Yamaji's lawyers tried to seek leniency by denying part of the prosecutors' claims, saying he had no intention of stealing money.

They also demanded a psychological analysis be conducted on him.

Before Yamaji was served an arrest warrant on the murder charge in December, he had been detained for trespassing in a building adjacent to the women's condominium earlier the same month.

During a police investigation, Yamaji, who killed his mother in 2000 when he was a minor, told investigators he killed the sisters because he "could not forget the feelings" he experienced when he killed his 50-year-old mother.

"I wanted to see human blood," Yamaji was quoted as saying by an investigation source.
Earlier, Yamaji told the investigators about the knife he used in the murders and they found it at a Shinto shrine a few hundred meters from the building.

Yamaji was institutionalized after beating his mother to death with a baseball bat in August 2000 in the city of Yamaguchi when he was 16.

The Yamaguchi family court had sent him to a reform center for minors after concluding the attack on his mother was not deliberately planned and "it is possible to correct" him "although he does not have a deep sense of guilt." He was released from the reform center in October 2003.

During Monday's court session, Yamaji did not make specific comments on his motive.
The Japan Times: Tuesday, May 2, 2006
(C) All rights reserved

Man to hang for sisters' murders

Defendant, 23, obsessed with killing people, judge says
OSAKA (Kyodo) The Osaka District Court sentenced a 23-year-old man to death Wednesday for murdering two sisters in their apartment in the city.

Kazuo Uehara, whose daughters, Asuka and Chihiro, were slain in Osaka in November 2005, faces reporters Wednesday along with his son, Takuya, after a district court sentenced Yukio Yamaji to hang for the murders. KYODO PHOTO
Yukio Yamaji stabbed Asuka Uehara, 27, and her 19-year-old sister, Chihiro, to death, stole 5,000 yen and torched the apartment Nov. 17, 2005, the court found.

The women suffered deep stab wounds to their chests and faces.

"It was a cruel and outrageous crime," presiding Judge Masao Namiki said. "The defendant has not reflected on his crime, and it is unlikely that he will be rehabilitated. His criminal responsibility is too heavy."

"The defendant is dangerous, as he is obsessed with killing people," Namiki said. "The victims were killed in unimaginable fear and pain, and it is inevitable to hand down capital punishment."

Yamaji was released from a reformatory in October 2003 after killing his mother, 50, in the city of Yamaguchi in July 2000 with a baseball bat. He was 16.

After killing the two Osaka sisters, Yamaji allegedly told police investigators, "I could not forget the feeling when I killed my mother, and wanted to see human blood."
The court accepted expert evidence that determined he was mentally competent.

His lawyers, who submitted a guilty plea for the man, had sought a life sentence, arguing he should spend the rest of his life atoning for his crime.

Yamaji's family life up to the point of killing his mother was "exactly like hell," he told investigators.

After his father died when Yamaji was 11 years old, he and his mother were forced to live in heavy debt, and it was often hard to buy decent food, according to the investigators.

The Yamaguchi Family Court had sent him to a reform center for minors after concluding the attack on his mother was not deliberately planned. It determined that though he lacked a deep sense of guilt, correction was possible.

The father of the two sisters, Kazuo Uehara, held a news conference after Wednesday's sentencing.

"Executing him will never bring them back," he said, but he feels Yamaji deserves to be put to death.
"In that sense, the ruling makes me feel justice still exists in Japan," he said.
The Japan Times: Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006
(C) All rights reserved

Double-killer lets death sentence stand
OSAKA (Kyodo) The death sentence handed to a 23-year-old man convicted of killing two sisters in Osaka in 2005 has been finalized after he withdrew his appeal, his lawyers said Friday.

Yukio Yamaji was accused of stabbing to death Asuka Uehara, 27, and her sister Chihiro, 19, in their apartment in Osaka, stealing 5,000 yen and torching the premises on Nov. 17, 2005.

Two years earlier, in October 2003, he had been released from a reformatory where he had been detained after killing his mother, 50, with a baseball bat in the city of Yamaguchi in July 2000.

Although Yamaji's lawyers appealed the death sentence handed down by the Osaka District Court last December, the defendant was reluctant to pursue leniency and the appeal was withdrawn, they said.
The Japan Times: Saturday, June 2, 2007
(C) All rights reserved

Japan executes three for multiple murders
AFP, Jul 28, 2009, 11.07am IST
TOKYO: Japan on Tuesday hanged three inmates convicted of multiple murders including a Chinese national and a middle-aged man who found his victims through an Internet suicide site, the justice minister said.

The government identified the condemned as Hiroshi Maeue, 40, Yukio Yamaji, 25, and Chinese national Chen Detong, 41, who had killed three of his compatriots and wounded three more Chinese people.

All three men had committed "grave and cruel" crimes and "taken precious lives with very selfish motives," Justice Minister Eisuke Mori said after the sentences were carried out in Tokyo and the western city of Osaka.

Maeue, executed in Osaka, killed three people including a 14-year-old in 2005 after he got to know them separately through an Internet website where people contemplating ending their lives meet to make suicide pacts.

Maeue arranged to meet his victims under the pretense they would jointly commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning. He then lured them into a van in a parking lot, tied their hands and feet and choked them to death.

He confessed to deriving sexual pleasure from watching people suffocate.

Yamaji, also executed in Osaka, raped and then stabbed to death two sisters, stole their money and set fire to their apartment in 2005.

Chen, the Chinese national, was executed in Tokyo for killing three of his compatriots and injuring three more in Kawasaki, southwest of Tokyo, in 1999.

Japan, which executed four convicted murderers in January, is the only major industrial nation other than the United States to impose the death penalty.

Capital punishment is overwhelmingly supported by the public in Japan, which has one of the world's lowest crime rates.

But Japan has regularly come under fire from the European Union and campaigners over its use of the death penalty, especially its practice of hanging inmates without any prior warning for them or their families.

Makoto Teranaka, of Amnesty International's Japanese chapter, said after the latest executions Tuesday that "this is a grave act that cannot be permitted amid international calls to suspend capital punishment".

Despite the criticism, conservative governments have stepped up the pace of executions. Last year Japan hanged 15 death-row inmates, the highest number since 1975, when the country executed 17 people.

The latest executions came as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party faces August 30 elections. The opposition has said it would "encourage national debate over capital punishment" if it takes power.


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