Slava Novorossiya

Slava Novorossiya

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


            On this date, September 21, 2011, a White Supremacist, Lawrence Brewer was executed in Texas by lethal injection. He was convicted of the murder of James Byrd Jr. on June 7, 1998.

Lawrence Brewer

James Byrd, Jr.
(May 2, 1949 to June 7, 1998)
Brewer was a white supremacist who, prior to Byrd's murder, had served a prison sentence for drug possession and burglary. He was paroled in 1991. After violating his parole conditions in 1994, Brewer was returned to prison. According to his court testimony, he joined a white supremacist gang with King in prison in order to safeguard himself from other inmates. Brewer and King became friends in the Beto Unit prison. A psychiatrist testified that Brewer did not appear repentant for his crimes. Brewer was ultimately convicted and sentenced to death. Brewer, TDCJ#999327, was on death row at the Polunsky Unit. Brewer was executed in the Huntsville Unit on September 21, 2011. The day before his execution, Brewer expressed no guilt for his crime as he told KHOU 11 News in Houston: "As far as any regrets, no, I have no regrets. No, I'd do it all over again, to tell you the truth."

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