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Slava Novorossiya

Thursday, May 15, 2014


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ARTICLE TITLE: The Serial Killer You Don’t Know: Kermit Gosnell
DATE: Friday May 9, 2014
AUTHOR: Lila Rose
AUTHOR INFORMATION: Lila Rose has dedicated herself to ending abortion and building the culture of life. At age fifteen, Lila founded Live Action, a nonprofit which specializes in investigative journalism, media and youth education. Live Action works to expose abuses in the abortion industry and advocate for human rights for the pre-born, using new media to educate and mobilize both local and national audiences. Live Action also hosts the leading social media presence for the pro-life movement, reaching over a million people a week, as well as the leading national pro-life student magazine, The Advocate, and one of the leading pro-life news sites, Lila has led numerous undercover investigations exposing corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion chain, as well as dozens of other independent abortion clinics. Her work has documented rampant sexual abuse cover up, racism, medical misinformation, the willingness to assist sex traffickers, false statements made by Planned Parenthood executives, sex-selective abortion and infanticide.

If what the media publishes daily is any indicator, Americans seem fascinated by killers.

We’re confronted with headlines about Oscar Pistorius, Amanda Knox, and Jodi Arias. When the news is slow, Americans can change the channel to procedurals like “Law and Order: SVU” and “Criminal Minds.” And when the procedurals lag, producers and directors come up with serial killer-glorifying programs like “Dexter” (just finished its eighth season last year) and “Zodiac” (2007).

So it’s strange to see Hollywood refuse to touch the story of the worst serial killer in America’s history – and to see even an independent filmmaker rebuffed in his efforts to pick up the slack.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is escorted to a waiting police van upon leaving the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, Monday, May 13, 2013, after being convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies who were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his clinic. Credit: AP [PHOTO SOURCE:]
Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted in 2013 for the murder of three born babies, whose spines he severed with scissors after delivery, and the deaths by gross negligence of two mothers. He was also convicted for killing 21 babies in utero – not for murder in these cases, but rather for violating Pennsylvania’s legal abortion limit.

Early this year, “FrackNation” producer Phelim McAleer turned to Kickstarter to crowd-fund the Gosnell movie you’ll never see out of Los Angeles. But McAleer found out that it’s not just Hollywood avoiding this story: Kickstarter refused to greenlight his project unless he censored his description of Gosnell’s crimes.

It was only after McAleer moved to Indiegogo that Kickstarter – who has no problem greenlighting projects like “Incest Is The Highest Form of Flattery” and “Die Sluts, Die” – pretended never to have had a problem with the Gosnell language in the first place. Keep in mind that this same company also rejected the pro-life project “Stolen Moments,” while approving the abortion-glorifying film “After Tiller.” (One of the “perks” for supporters of “After Tiller” was “a bouquet…of colorful condoms.”)

Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies and for gross negligence in the deaths of two adults and 21 babies during his decades as an abortion doctor in Philadelphia. [PHOTO SOURCE:]
Why does a story like this – an “if it bleeds, it leads” tale if ever there was one – cause such unique aversion, to the point where mainstream media ignore it and private companies twist themselves in rhetorical knots to keep it under wraps? Why does even the average “Law and Order”-watching American look away?

First, there is the extreme horror of Gosnell’s acts. It is one thing when victims can run or scream for help, as in the Ariel Castro story. But Gosnell’s victims had absolutely no chance; they were barely developed enough to scream. These infants were completely at the mercy of their killer, with no recourse from the surgical scissors on their necks.

There are also the implications for the “pro-choice” movement. Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the rest try to distance themselves from Gosnell. (Yet Planned Parenthood is far more sympathetic to “after-birth” abortion than its press releases would have us believe.) But those 21 babies killed – and denied justice through Gosnell’s conviction on a mere technicality – speak to the reality of what abortion is.

This is hard for people to deal with. And it’s understandable.

It’s almost guaranteed that someone you know or would have known has been victimized by abortion. Tens of millions of U.S. women have had abortions. Over 55 million children have been killed, each with a mother who was deeply wounded, and a father stripped of the power to defend his son or daughter.

In this Feb. 23, 2010 photo, the Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia is shown. Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women at the Women’s Medical Society, was charged Wednesday Jan. 19, 2011, with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) [PHOTO SOURCE:]
And the whole time, abortion corporations with huge media budgets launch campaign after campaign to insist to the nation that abortion doesn’t really kill anyone – in other words, that the men and women hurting from their “choice” are forbidden to grieve. So they don’t know what to do with the burden they carry. And Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortion provider, continues to profit.

A movie about Kermit Gosnell would pull the veil back from the hard fact that “abortionist” and “serial killer” are synonyms. ABC, CBS, and NBC sweep the story under the rug, saying without any credibility that it’s too gruesome. But at the same time, many of these reporters stand with Planned Parenthood’s claim that these are not really children who are being killed – that abortion doesn’t have victims. And many Americans look away, holding fast to a conspiracy of silence, because it just hurts too much. It says too much about their participation, be it active or passive, in a heartbreaking crime against humanity.

In America, serial killers make for entertainment when they are distant, mysterious, even foreign. Kermit Gosnell is none of these – what he did has personal ramifications for every one of us. When people hear that Philadelphia’s House of Horrors is the result of a “choice” they’ve been taught for decades to revere, they get sick. Most Americans would rather not think about abortion, and if they do, they want something clean – not an industry that glorifies, protects, and covers for Gosnells still operating across the country.

That’s why Hollywood won’t touch Kermit Gosnell, or the hundreds of babies he slaughtered. This is not a neat little story that can be put in a box and tied up with a bow. But it needs to be told all the more for that. Gosnell’s kind of murder – his brand of violence – affects all of us more than a Pistorius or an Arias ever will. It speaks to the very foundation of human rights and our society’s pursuit of peace.

Can Kermit Gosnell be the catalyst by which Americans realize that we cannot build our nation on the broken bodies of our littlest children? Maybe. But one thing is sure: we have to learn about America’s biggest serial killer before we can learn from him. The Gosnell story must be told.

Lila Rose is the president and founder of Live Action, a new media nonprofit dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life.

Feature Photo: AP
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